A Future - Proofed Home Port and Resort

The Nautilus Project will focus on energizing, regenerating and repurposing this neglected harbour into one of the most incredible destinations and home ports fit for the future, while reviving the natural surroundings and bringing life, back to the coastline and community.


The Marina

Projected as the largest Mega-Yacht Marina globally, it is designed to create a marina experience suited to serve and fit the world’s finest floating assets, catering for the increasing shortage of very large yachting berths in the region.

Hotels & Leisure Facilities
Conference Center & Art Gallery

Ultra-luxury hospitality and leisure activities shall be at the core of Nautilus’ touristic offering, consisting of a series of commercial developments (retail, dining & entertainment). Combing business with pleasure, high end conference facilities and art exhibitions with our core pillars of philanthropy, sustainability and education.

Luxury Residences & Apartments

A mild residential development in the plot is envisaged consisting of luxury residences, exclusive villas and exquisite apartments in selected areas. Designed to become one of the largest marina villages in the world while delivering a unique community spirit for stakeholders and visitors alike, valuing privacy and exclusivity.


Nautilus has been classified as a National Strategic investment (LAW 4864/2021)
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